• Model: REL-3300SD
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Packed with advanced technology, the 3300SD is completely transformed with its energy saving Direct Drive technology. Direct drive eliminates the need to ever replace the sewing belt, provides better speed control and positions the needle in the down position to save time and allows even the novice to sew like a pro. The 3300SD has the versatility you expect, sewing a wide range of light to medium weight fabric.

The direct drive 3300SD is all about convenience and puts you, the sewer, in total control. Now, at the touch of a button you have the ability to sew precisely one stitch at a time (step stitching). Regardless of what you are sewing and what your skill level is, the digital speed control (conveniently located beside the stitch length dial) allows you to adjust the sewing speed for any task.

The 3300SD features a built-in direct drive servo motor that harnesses the latest technology. This motor allows for quieter and smoother operation

Maximum sewing speed 4,500 rpm

Stitch length 0 - 0.2” / 0 – 5 mm

Needle bar stroke 1.22” / 31 mm

Pressure foot lift by hand 0.2” / 5mm by knee 0.6” / 15mm

Needle system #16 x 257 / #9-18

Feed dog 3 rows each

Hook type rotary – auto lubricated