• Model: SP500
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Uses 100% diamond abrasives and built-in precision angle guides for professional quality edges quickly and easily

Sharpens a wide variety of commercial kitchen scissors including poultry and game shears

Safe for quality scissors; never detempers

No scissors disassembly required

Can be used right or left-handed
No need to waste time or money on sharpening services

90 day limited warranty.

UL/ETL and Canadian Approval

Electric Scissor Sharpener

Course And Fine Sharpening Wheels

Diamond Hone Construction Wheels

Can Be Used Left or Right Handed

Sharpen scissors as it, without disassembly.

120 Volt, 60 Watt, U.L. Approved


Sharpen standard or knife-edge blades

Not always suitable for hair cutting scissors

Includes two rotating wheels

Coarse wheel for reconditioning damaged and extremely dull-edge scissors

Fine wheel for honing the blade edges to incredible sharpness

Industrial strength diamond sharpening wheels will never need replacing

Will not detemper or weaken the steel of your blades

Patented magne-flex guides, a combination of magnets and precision engineered plastic springs, control the sharpening angle, apply the correct sharpening pressure to remove minimal steel, and stablilize the scissor blade.

No disassembly of scissors required