• Model: AH-700
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Take to class or use while traveling

More details from our Sewing Advisors: ◦ Specially designed machine for fashion, quilting, home decor and crafting
◦Adjustable stitch length dial, includes stretch stich setting
◦Pattern selector dial
◦Includes 15 built in stitches: ◦Straight stitch, center needle position
◦Straight stitch, left needle position
◦3-step zigzag
◦Decorative zigzag
◦Blind hem stitch
◦Decorative left zigzag stitch
◦Decorative right zigzag stitch
◦Triple straight stitch
◦Triple zigzag stretch stitch
◦Mocking stitch
◦Stretch blind hem stitch
◦Stretch over-lock stitch
◦Overcast stitch
◦Automatic 4-step buttonhole

◦Thread tension dial
◦Reverse stitch lever
◦Free arm with built in accessory storage
◦Accessories include: ◦ Two Class 15 Transparent Bobbins (TJB2C)
◦Seam ripper
◦Three universal needles size 14
◦Buttonhole foot
◦Darning foot
◦Zigzag foot (attached to the machine)

◦Built in carrying handle
◦Foot controller with cord ◦ Foot controller to machine: 48"
◦Machine to outlet: 72"

◦Polarized plug
◦Feed dogs can not be lowered
◦All metal casting for heavy duty sewing, long lasting strength and durability
◦Size: 11-3/4"H x 14"W x 6"D
◦Weight: 14 lbs
◦25 year limited warranty: ◦ 25 years - casting
◦10 years - defective mechanical parts
◦1 year - electrical
◦90 days - labor