• Model: DP
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Roll the side seam cover to just below the shoulder line. Slip the shoulder pads under the cover and rotate the shoulder pads backward, forward, or simply place them evenly at the shoulder line. Just look at your body posture and try to duplicate your silhouette. This is your start point.

Roll the side seam cover down to just below the bust line. Slip the bust pads under the cover to accommodate a low bust, high bust, bust span, etc. This allows you to adjust the size and shape of the form as well as horizontal and vertical measurements to match yours. You will be able to create a variety of shapes from low bust lines to up-lifts

Roll the side seam cover down to just below the waistline. Slip the stomach pad under the cover to increase the belly area. As you pad the form, feel free to adjust the silhouette of your form is necessary.

Hip & Thigh:
At this point, you will start seeing your new shape coming together. Roll the side seam cover down to the hip/thigh line. Slip the hip/thigh pads under the cover and stretch them slightly after positioning the pads. You can use the filler pads to increase or shape up this area even further.

Add the filler pads under any of the larger pads to increase the area even further.

Stretch Cover:
You can use the stretch cover to fix all the pad.