• Model: RX-854
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*Complete your sewing projects with a Rex Overlock sewing machine
*Serger is a multi-function, color-coded overlock machine
*Sewing machine features an up-to-date design and great durability
*Easy to use
*Adjustable stitch length
*Over-edging and seam covering features
*Easy and fast looper threading
*Color coded threading
*Snap-on presser foot
*Heavy-duty cutting system
*Stitch functions for 2,3, or 4 threads
*Tension release assures accurate thread placement in tension discs
*Different feeds allow for perfect sewing and eliminates puckering or stretching
*Easy rolled hems
*Flatlock uses 2 or 3 thread
*Decorative stitch function with a variety of thread combinations
*Built-in accessory storage
*Adjustable stitch width from 3.0 to 6.7 mm
*Adjustable stitch length from 1.0 to 4.0 mm
*Differential feed ratio from 0.7 minimum to 2.0 maximum
*Presser lift height is 1 mm
*Feed height is 1 mm
*Swing speed is 1200rpm
*8 watts to 15 watts
*50/60 Hertz frequency
*Weighs 10 pounds

Dimensions:15.0x15.0x15.0Warranty:1 year Limited ManufacturerMaterials:plastic,metal,Model No:854