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The 120GC is a professional grade fabric steamer that is suitable for commercial or home use. The steam works by softening the fibers, allowing the fabric to relax. Wrinkles quickly disappear, leaving a finished and attractive look to your clothes. BUY IT ONCE, BUY THE BEST There are a lot of choices in fabric steamers, but the 100GC unique combination of quality components, construction quality and simplicity make it an obvious choice for both pros and homeowners. FEATURES • Super-Flex PVC steam hose • Steam temperature 203º F • Head temperature 145º F • Automatic shut-off • Power indicator light • Thermal fuse 1300W BRASS ELEMENT Like a car’s engine, the heating element in a fabric steamer is the most important single component. Brass is the best material for the rigors of day-to-day use, and is more durable and resistant to scale build up than aluminum. 1300W BRASS ELEMENT ANTI-SPILL CAP An anti-spill cap prevents water from spilling when you turn the bottle over. The 100GC also has a full one-gallon water capacity. ANTI-SPILL CAP 50% THICKER STEAM HEAD For commercial users, the #1 replacement part is the steam head. That’s why ours is 2x the thickness of our closest competitor. 50% THICKER STEAM HEAD REMOVABLE BRUSH Fabrics with a nap such as velvet and corduroy will benefit from the removable steam brush. THIS ITEM REQUIRES ADDITIONAL SHIPPING CHARGE, PLEASE CALL OR EMAIL FOR CURRENT PRICE